the best things in life really are free

the sight of my joyful pup
running free
is one of the many things in life
that makes me completely and utterly happy

10 Responses to “the best things in life really are free”

  1. The perspective of the shot makes that dog look like a giant! Very cool. Cheers!

  2. he does look joyful indeed!

  3. that’s my favorite shot yet!

  4. i love this picture! i love how happy your dog is!

  5. Love this shot! Did he knock you over? 🙂

  6. teresa – humorously, I actually thought the shot wouldn’t turn out because as soon as I pressed the shutter, I realized how close he was and panicked – and stood up – so I thought I blurred the shot. He swerved left at the last second.

  7. He does look happy. What a lucky dog. 🙂 And a lucky puppy owner.

  8. Talk about an adorable pic!

  9. What a fantastic photo! Makes one smile hugely!! 😀

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