love from on high

happy valentine’s day 
to celebrate, I offer you this photo
it was taken from the top of Giotto’s Tower
in Florence, Italy 
the grey-haired couple
walking arm in arm
casting a long shadow
seems very symbolic

8 Responses to “love from on high”

  1. very sweet pic…
    love it so much…

  2. Thanks, E!
    I love pics steeped with symbolism.

  3. extremly sweet pic….although, for some reason, makes me feel lonely too.

  4. I love to see older people walking hand in hand or arm in arm. ❤

  5. makes me wonder how many struggles they’ve been through– together or separately. How much water under the bridge. Okay, Okay, I know it isn’t supposed to be about that. I love the shadows.

  6. I think this is one of your best photos.

  7. I’m glad you all enjoyed it!

    Jan — lol. I’ve pondered that ..

  8. Elizabeth-Wow, I absolutely love this picture!!

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