a walk down memory lane

I spent a few days reading through 13 years worth of old journals before throwing them all out. There was much laughter. And I was reminded of one story in particular, where I had forgotten just how idiotic I was ..
It was winter – the Christmas season, to be exact. I was in high school at the time and was helping out my summer employer by manning their fudge booth at the local mall. During one weekend shift, a storm blew in. A big storm. When I went outside after my shift, it was so snowy and blustery that it was hard to see. I decided to drive the 15 or so miles home anyway. But first – I had to fill my antifreeze tank. Yes, I was having car troubles ..
I drove the route. So so slowly. It was horrible. At times, the only way I could tell where the road lay was by watching oncoming headlights and trying to stay just to the right of them – never mind that they were likely having similar issues. The first thing that cracked me up .. I wrote in my journal that I kept asking God for help and was getting rather annoyed at him because I thought he wasn’t listening. Apparently I expected him to part the white snows or something. Tee-hee .. but then I noted that, in retrospect, I was thankful I didn’t drive off the road so maybe he was listening.
About five miles from home was a long hill. I turned up the hill, anxious to finally be done driving. Except that the car stopped responding to the gas pedal. Finally, I gave up, and began to turn the car around to drive back down the hill. Just as the car was perpendicular to the road, it died. I got out, locked the doors, and set off for help.
When my parents arrived, my dad was not happy. He said that as he was driving down the hill, what did he see but a car stopped lengthwise across the road – no lights or hazards on to alert other drivers – and a policeman taking down the car’s information. And then he realized that he recognized the car.
Yes, I was a very experienced driver.

4 Responses to “a walk down memory lane”

  1. omg that’s horrible! I can’t even imagine your parents reaction!
    I still have my old journals, I really should throw them out but for some reason I just haven’t.

  2. And then do you remember the next day in school… Mr. Boddy said that he was driving home up Lake Linden Hill and almost ran into a car that “some idiot” had parked in the middle of the road with no hazards on… hee hee. I also find it absolutely hilarious that you locked the doors. Who is going to steal a broken down car? 🙂

  3. amy – I had totally forgotten! and how happy he was to learn that the “idiot” was one of his student. LOL

  4. That is a very funny story! I can just picture it all and have to chuckle at the thought of you leaving the car parked length-wise across the highway, no lights or hazards on… but it’s a good thing you locked the doors! 😀 hee hee!!

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