happy accidents

I made a quick trip to the warehouse for Powell’s Books this morning to sell some books. Since I was in the NW Industrial District anyway, I decided to grab lunch at one of my favorite cafes, the Grand Central Baking Company. There was just one tiny little problem – I knew how to get there from the 405, not the exact address. I knew it couldn’t be far from the warehouse, so decided to just follow my instincts. A short while later, I was at this bridge, which I remembered from previous cafe visits – remembered seeing it far off in the distance, that is.
I should note that I have 15 years of following my instincts when it comes to driving and directions, and my instincts are always wrong. Somehow, I never learn. Then again, I always enjoy myself. In this case, I had a lot of fun taking slightly harsher photos. And I did find the cafe eventually.

4 Responses to “happy accidents”

  1. ah yes… your “instincts” when it comes to directions. Your first instinct should be not to trust your instincts. 🙂

  2. i’m so envious of your pictures….but in a good way.
    they’re awesome!
    i remember when i first moved to the cities, i spent most of my free time being lost either to or from work. come to think of it, nothing much has changed. even my kids are suspicious if i really know where i’m going.

  3. That’s funny, Ann. E, I like the “harshness” of this picture. Oh, and on the subject of getting lost, I have been known to intentionally get lost. It’s the thrill of finding your surroundings again…

  4. amy – 😉

    ann – thanks! and I’m glad I’m not the only one!

    angie – you’re right – that is part of the fun of it! I’ve never *tried* to get lost. But then again, I don’t really ever get the opportunity to do so. 😉

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