moo yogurt for me, please

Lately, my breakfast of choice has been vanilla goat’s milk yogurt with frozen berries and sliced almonds. When I went grocery shopping last Sunday, they were out of goat’s milk yogurt, so I had to find an alternative.
As I was eating breakfast this morning, I realized yet again what a difference fat makes in dairy products. It really should be a requirement. Not only does everything taste better with a little fat (or in this case, a lot), it is much more filling. 

4 Responses to “moo yogurt for me, please”

  1. That’s my breakfast! Exactly. I also put a little flax on mine too! I go thru streaks…right now I’m having oatmeal mostly, but for at least 3 months of the year what you shared is my menu.

  2. I was eating this for breakfast for a while – yogurt with granola and berries, but then I became lazy about eating breakfast. I should get back to it. Lately, I’ve just been “eating” my 2 cups of coffee, with cream and sugar. Which, while quite stimulating, does not do much for my rumbling tummy at about 10 am. Or my weight loss. Speaking of yogurt, though, I had some AMAZING yogurt at this French bakery in Des Moines for brunch when Katherine and I visited Joe. It was fabulous. You would’ve been in heaven, as I was. It brought me back to the days of amazing dairy products in England and throughout Scandinavia and Amsterdam… It was so much better than most yogurt you find here.

  3. that so reminds me of Suleyha…didn’t she make hers runnier with milk tho? That yogurt has about half an inch of cream on top….talk about fat! LOL!

  4. amy – this one might be close. The cream on top is heavenly.

    becca – I don’t remember her eating yogurt. just nutella .. 🙂 and that cream is fabulous!

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