when dogs dream

When dogs lie down, and close their eyes, and sleep upon their beds,
What would we see, do you suppose, if we could look inside their heads?
Those squirrels that tease, and run away, and chatter from on high,
I’m sure they’d fall, or have a limp, or think it time to die.
That stray black cat that hangs around, just a little out of reach,
Would find its tail stuck in the door, or really want to meet.
Instead of all those training hours, of sit and come and stay,
We’d be the ones who’d have to beg, and fetch, and bow, and shake. 
Bed and couch both would be theirs; we would have the floor.
I see it now – the fridge and pantry both have doggy doors!
And on Thanksgiving Day, I bet we’d drop the turkey on the floor.
Yes –  life is rough, I’m sure they think – at least during the day.
But nightly romps in dreamland give their imagination free reign.
–by elizabeth 

2 Responses to “when dogs dream”

  1. yes.. i often wonder those same things when the kitties are sleeping and their little legs are twitching… cute poem.

  2. awesome photo….great poem!

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