inkblots for the digital age, perhaps


I see ..
blue butterflies
a city skyline 
DNA strands 
here a whirlpool
there a slinky 
a spiral staircase 
now I’m looking over a railing at the balconies below 
if I stare long enough
the image begins to whirl
around and around
and around 
the original image was taken in the storage area of the Museo Larco in Lima 

4 Responses to “inkblots for the digital age, perhaps”

  1. This digital stuff is so cool!! Keep ’em coming.

  2. i think a nice title would be “serenity in blue”

  3. This is wonderful. What a vitality of style! That’s the eternities : the digital creation joins the thoughtful work and cheerful play together in your lovely picture. The visual story of your artwork just captures and your words do the same – while reading your hearty “around and around and around”, I was rejoicing at the blueness of the sky above – wow! Once more again and again. Thus the heavy statements of old manuscripts were put into practice – Thank you!

  4. ann – yes!

    thanks, tomas – beautiful comment.

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