daffy duck on ice

The sun came out while I was on my way to the grocery store, so I stopped at a nearby park to take advantage of its rays. While Atlas and I were walking along, the sound of laughter echoed across the park. I was curious, so went to find the source.
There was a group of men, plastic bags full of bread in hand, throwing bread to the ducks in the pond. The edge of the pond had frozen over, allowing the ducks to race along the ice to the bread. When they tried to stop and grab it, however, they’d slip and slide past, missing the bread and bumping into one another.
It was hilarious to watch.
Atlas, being a very food-motivated dog, tried to get to the men and the bread so he could participate too. They started throwing him bread and laughing even harder.
By the way, my camera was – ever so helpfully – in the car. This is a photo of the same pond, taken last autumn. 

3 Responses to “daffy duck on ice”

  1. Bumper ducks! I love it lol

  2. bumper ducks! now that would’ve been a good blog title! oh well ..

  3. Love that, ‘bumper ducks’!

    That would have been a sight to see. 🙂

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