ode to starbucks

when it’s cold, and rainy, and your fingers are blue with cold
there is only one thing to do
head to starbucks for a decaf cinnamon dolce latte
and wrap your hands tight around it
as if you’ll never never let go

4 Responses to “ode to starbucks”

  1. Be careful,that coffee will stunt your growth !!! Just kidding, neat photo. Well done – jimmy –



  2. or to your nearest local coffee shop. 🙂 although, starbucks does have the best bread/bakery

  3. thanks, jimmy .. sadly, I doubt there are any more growth spurts left in me. 🙂

    amy – I do like my local coffee shops, but I was next to a Stbx ..

  4. I miss Starbucks! Although, I was in St. Cloud this weekend, and was able to grab a Nonfat Caramel Macchiato. Mmmmmm-mmmm!! {I always think everything else sounds so good, but I always stick with my old standby. Someday, I ought to try something else.}

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