slippers – a fashion statement?

I love my comfy slippers
the only problem – they are almost too shoe-like
I am constantly walking out of the house with them on
including week-day mornings when I’m heading off to work
sometimes, I only notice when I’m swinging my left foot up inside the car
at which point, I rather wonder if anyone would even notice

3 Responses to “slippers – a fashion statement?”

  1. I leave the house in my slippers on purpose. It’s cold out and they are warm.

  2. i was actually going to get you new slippers for christmas when I saw the state of them… but then i found your other present.

  3. terri – if they looked more like shoes, I would, but usually I am heading somewhere that shoes are more appropriate. 😉

    amy – huh? the state of them? they’re in fabulous shape! don’t take my slippers!

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