wanted – new owner


must be camera-free

and have never heard of William Wegman


8 Responses to “wanted – new owner”

  1. hahahahhahahahha!

    love the reference to william wegman. I enjoyed those shots…you’re well on your way! LOL

  2. ohhhhhhh boy, atlas, i would take you in in an instant, except kia wouldn’t like that very much……..my fav. is the top right one in the set of four……..tom just walked by and said your owner should be reported to the spca……….what is that blue thing on your neck, does libby wear that????

  3. if you recall..one of your new years resolutions was to “be good to the pup”……..are you fulfilling this??????………i am speaking out for atlas because he cant talk

  4. helen, my dear, he lives a life of relative ease. this took less than 5 minutes, and then he quit. 😉

    btw – that blue thing is my scarf.

  5. it’s odd to look at a picture of a dog and realize he is more fashionable than I am!

  6. ann – lol! if it makes you feel better, I put something on him and think, “hmmmm .. my dog looks better in my clothing than I do!” 😉

  7. I think Riley would not mind a new brother. I have a new camera too though so we might not be such a great choice. Love your hat[s] by the way!

  8. what type of dog is he?
    Hes soo cute 🙂

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