jack frost came a calling

oh, what a beautiful morning
everything was covered in a thin layer of frosty crystals
white – and perfectly still

I snapped a few photos on my way into work
this one is growing on me – in a weird, artsy, sort of way

apparently it’s time to dig out the ice scraper


4 Responses to “jack frost came a calling”

  1. I love this blog. Just the whole idea of it. It’s so simple to stop and think about the world around us but so few of us do. Although I have absolutely no association to the photographs I smiled just looking at them.

  2. i love this photo, lib… although it is reminding me of the cold cold weather that we are going to have this weekend. i do love those kind of mornings, though.

  3. amy – you’ll have an excuse to stay in and be lazy!

    OFG – I’m glad it made you smile, and hopefully forget about hospital bills for a while.

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