a missed opportunity

I opened the door this morning to see thin patches of snow on the ground. Naturally, I grabbed my camera as I left the house. As the pup and I walked down the path, a small black cat ran up to us. A perfect photo opportunity, I thought, and turned the camera on.

The camera turned itself off. Yes, the battery was dead. I managed to get the pup away from the cat (no easy feat) and ran back inside for camera #2.

We got back outside to discover that – yay – the cat was still there. I pressed the power button and nothing happened. You guessed it, the battery was dead.

There was no point in running back inside for camera #3, since I knew that battery needed charging, and I no longer have a film camera.

Pfft .. what, I ask you, is the point of having multiple cameras if I cannot keep at least one charged!

2 Responses to “a missed opportunity”

  1. I’m chuckling. 😉 But, what a bummer!

  2. oh, I agree. it was funny!

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