merry olde england

oh, how I wish I could stay up and read
I am not quite to the end of ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’
and it is so good that I really want to finish the entire story today

on that note, I thought a photo from England would be most appropriate
in this case, it is a view of the Durham castle


6 Responses to “merry olde england”

  1. thanks, Jennifer. it was gorgeous!

  2. beautiful photo…

  3. What happened to Shazia? She popped in for a while and then….poof….she’s gone! That girl is hard to corner.

  4. oh, she’s around – busy though. and I can’t remember if I pointed her directly to this blog or not ..

    and amy – did you ever see durham? I don’t remember visiting it when we lived there.

  5. Mel and I went to a Christmas evansong at the cathedral and it was one of the most magical moments I had in England….I couldnt’ remember i fyou girls did that too or not. By the way…Mel called me yesterday……with news!

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