splashing in puddles

By Elizabeth

January 9, 2008

Category: photography


there was a knock on the door today
after I pushed Atlas out of the way, I found a package
it was my replacement wellies from jcrew
and they even found me a blue pair

I took them out for a spin immediately
many puddle splashings later, my feet were warm and dry


2 Responses to “splashing in puddles”

  1. I love jcrew. Haven’t bought anything besides flip-flops, for the past few years though. They have my favorite (wedge) flip flops, and they last for many years. I have a pair that are nearly ten years old!

  2. I must confess that I haven’t bought much from them lately either. Except for the wellies, which I bought in ’06 and was just trying to replace. 🙂 For a long time, though, I wouldn’t buy jeans from anyone else; I wrote to them once to tell them that I had to order their mens’ jeans because the womens’ inseams weren’t long enough and soon after, they started making tall sizes. I was ‘exclusive’ for many years to say ‘thanks’. 😉

    Oh – I’m with you on those wedge flip-flops, though. Love ’em!

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