what will they come up with next

yes, it really is

baby SIGGs

too cute for words


2 Responses to “what will they come up with next”

  1. whoa…I was reading in google reader and it was odd for me to read your blog post directly after this one by a friend of mine: http://thompsonfamily.typepad.com/thompson_familylife/2008/01/yay.html

    It must be the day for baby SIGGs!

    by the way…if your nose was tickling, or your ears burning, or whatever it is that happens when someones thinking about you…it was me. I keep reading that story about the lady hiking with her dog and thinking – you be careful out there hiking! Bring a machete’ or something. man…the world’s gone downhill. blech.

  2. thanks. I keep thinking about that too. I was out walking with Atlas tonight and two guys that were walking in front of us turned around and started walking towards us when we got about 50 ft behind them. For the first time in ages, I actually was nervous. Ugh .. Atlas, of course, went to say hello. Lovely little guard dog that he is. 😉

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