new beginnings

if you know me, you know that I love –
new years day
the first of the month
every morning

each offers a new beginning
a clean slate, as it were
the chance to start fresh

so here’s to new beginnings – happy 2008 !

some of my goals for 2008:

  • nurture my creativity
  • take photos daily
  • find a good doggy chiropractor
  • keep a gratitude journal
  • live simply
  • learn my way around photoshop
  • pay off my car loan
  • hike dog mountain
  • create an inspiration board or mini-book
  • take a usability or writing class (or both)
  • be good to the pup

how about you?


3 Responses to “new beginnings”

  1. My goals for 2008:
    finish my graduate work
    lose 30 pounds/exercise/eat breakfast
    clean one thing at home every day
    enjoy each day for what it brings, rather than feel stressed out
    send out b-day cards/gifts, etc. on time 🙂

  2. My goals for 2008 (not necessarily in order of importance):
    -save more, spend less
    -take a vacation with my love
    -prioritize (i.e. spend less time on computer)
    -train for and complete sprint triathalon
    -read more
    -spend more time training dog
    -spend more quality time playing, reading, etc with my blessings

  3. I love them ! thanks for sharing !

    and amy – as a potential benefit-er, I applaud your last one. 😉

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