a look back at 2007

favorite photo, taken in Cusco, Peru

favorite memories –

favorite blog post (of mine) – an incoming storm

favorite blogs – Sea and Sky and Sustainable Style

favorite discoveries – Family Bridge, pilates reformer sessions, my naturopath, and root canals for dogs

favorite book – Harry Potter #7, naturally

favorite songs/music videos – I Don’t Dance (feel free to laugh but I do love it) and No One

all in all, a most fabulous year. I can’t wait to see what 2008 brings.


3 Responses to “a look back at 2007”

  1. The new blog looks nice! {I wish all of your pictures in the other posts were bigger. 😉 I love looking at your photos!}

    I don’t think I’ve ever really heard (that I know of) Alicia Keys sing before. I really liked that song! And I bookmarked Sea and Sky – cool blog. I always enjoy beautiful pictures. They inspire me.

    Happy New Year my friend!!! I wish you a wonderful 2008!

  2. Hi Lib –
    Happy 2008!

  3. thanks, Jen. same to you

    amy – happy 2008

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